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High School Lacrosse
by posted 05/05/2015

Parsippany High School Lacrosse


On Thursday April 30th something AWESOME happened…  The school budget passed.  This means that the youth of Parsippany will have Lacrosse at both High Schools starting in the Spring of 2016!


Congratulations for being part of something AMAZING!  This great news means that our kids have a spring sport option that they can pursue up to, and possibly through, college.  We started this program with the intention of teaching this great sport to our youth and showing them how it applies to life.  In 3 short years you helped get this program going and now you helped to take it to the next level!


Lacrosse is a great metaphor for life.  We all “drop the ball” every once and a while, and when we drop it, every effort is made to pick it back up.  Once we have it in our possession again, we look to achieve our goal.  We know that doing it alone can be difficult, if not impossible, so we look to others for “help”.  In our family, when we see someone struggling to achieve their goal we let them know “ I got your back”, and “here’s your help”.  The pace of life is fast, and planning is important but often spontaneous creative thinking on the fly gets us to our goal faster.  “Dodging” the obstacles in life is often the most efficient way to get there.


Our program is going to grow with the news of Lacrosse in the High Schools.  Tell your friends, have your kids tell their friends, the potential for them is HUGE.  There is no playbook for life, but if you think you would like to help develop the youth of today to be high achieving adults of tomorrow, let us know, we could use your help.


Let’s show our program support and create some Buzz.  Have you child wear their Jersey top to school on Friday in support of Parsippany Lacrosse Day Saturday May 9th!

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