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Every year the club collects a $100 work bond check from all families.  These checks are returned at the end of the season to the families that complete 3 volunteer hours.  We are a 100% volunteer operated organization so having our families help during the season is crucial.  As a club we would rather be able to return your check than to keep it - we would rather have your time than your money!
Each team will need the following at each home game:
  • Field Set Up - 2-3 volunteers needed per game - this includes helping move the goals out to the field, helping put out the cones, etc.  This counts as 1/2 hour.
  • Field Break Down - 2-3 volunteers needed per game - this includes getting the goals off the field if there are no more games, getting the cones off the field, etc.  This counts as 1/2 hour.
  • Running the clock/scoreboard - 2 volunteers needed per game - this one is self explanatory and you will be taught how to operate the clock, do not worry, it is very simple to do.  This counts as 1 hr.
  • Sideline Parent - 1 volunteer needed per game - as the sideline parent you will make sure the other parents are being encouraging to the teams, not yelling out at the kids or the refs, etc.  This counts as 1 hr.
  • Team parent - 1 needed per team for the season - As team parent you will be in charge of coordinating that the above volunteer spots are filled for your team for each home game.  This position fulfills your work bond completely (3 hrs).
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